Friday, October 29, 2010

Still Here

Hey Heathen Fans, we're still here! We've just been a little behind on updates.
Summer 2010 has been good to the Heathens. We didn't do a bunch of group shows, but the solo gigs have been flowing in. I'm happy to say there was a great increase in our wedding bookings this year, Marc and Mike have been out doing funerals like crazy and the hand full of summer band gigs we did were fantastic. This year we had an increase in calls for standard pipe band type of performances. Town's Days celebrations and that sort of thing. We were happy to show up and do them, with the usual Heathen's flair!

Now here it is, October.... Time for the bar crawls to start really picking up and we're excited to get back at it.

Hope to see you out at the usual pubs!
Piper Down - 1492 South, State St. SLC
The Republican - 917 South, State St. SLC
Maggie McGee's - 6253 Highland Dr. CHC
Molly Blooms - 1680 Ute Blvd. PC

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