Tuesday, September 29, 2009


September was a fairly productive month for the Heathen Highlanders. In addition to several private functions, members of the Heathens were out in the public performing at The International Peace Gardens Festival, The West Jordan September 11th Tatoo, Piper Down and Maggie McGee's 1/2 way to St Patrick's Day Parties, the birthday party for Piper Down owner Dave Morris, Sheep Wagon Days Festival and the Clan McGilavry annual gathering. The Heathens were happy to be joined by several members of The L.A. Scots drum line and Irish rock band Swagger @ Piper Down. We hope that those who attended the gigs had a good time. We did!


Rob said...

I find the concept of your band absolutely enthralling. While I've only been in a pipe band for about a year (started on the tenor Drum, now on the pipes), The idea of a guerrilla celtic band is truely awesome... while most of the beers that I review are well out of the range of Utah State distribution rules (Whoooa Canada!!), my hope is that if you end up coming out to the east coast, that I get to see you live and in person.


Rob Anderson
Brew N' Music

Heathen Highlander said...

Thanks Rob,
we take all the support we can get!