Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Heathens

Utah's one and only Freelance Mercenary Pipe Corps

It all started one late October night in 2005; Mike, Ian and Dave met together on the Piper Down stage to show the crowd what they had. They struck in, and the bar went wild. From that moment on, the idea that was to become the Heathen Highlanders was born. Time passed, and the group has grown to be eleven members strong. They perform at bar shows, conventions, weddings, funerals, bar mitzvahs, and any other events imaginable. No job is too odd. This rag tag bunch of miscreants are dedicated to blaring loud Scottish and Irish bagpipe music, emptying barrels of punch, wooing lonely women and having a lot of fun. They are easily recognized by their lack of uniformity and complete disregard for the rules of traditional piping. If you happen to run into one of these guys around Salt Lake City, don’t worry; everyone but Steve has received their rabies shots. Just drop a dollar in the jug and enjoy.

Visit The Heathen Highlanders Home Page to see a calender of upcoming events.

Bar goers come check us out! On weekends we wonder into:
Piper Down 1492s State Street
The Republican Pub, 917s State Street
Murphy's Bar & Grill, 160s Main
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